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Global Access to Your Capacity

Provide your clients with instant, global access to your expertise and capacity. Use eReinsure to connect with the underwriters and admins who buy reinsurance and need your help. eReinsure’s global reach brings your underwriting capacity to desks around the world.

Quick and Detailed Quotes

Quotes offered over eReinsure can be as detailed or brief as you want. Quote back on any line of business with any reinsurance structure that applies. You can also offer additional quote options or respond with simple messages to the insurer.

Your Brand

eReinsure provides opportunity to attach custom quote letters, binders and certificates to the submission record. Your clients get the personal touch they are used to with the ease and consistency they have come to depend on with eReinsure.


Reconciliation Help

With eReinsure facilitating each transaction, reconciliation problems fade as both sides agree to the same numbers and terms. Endorsements and documented communication between parties helps resolve outstanding issues.

Faster Payment

Clients who use eReinsure report the ability to get paid more quickly, since certificates and supporting underwriting materials are shared instantly and are available securely.

Instant Notification

When there is a change or an agreement between parties, eReinsure will notify you immediately. Letting the right people know the right information at the right time will facilitate timely AP and RP entries and processing.



Pipeline and Production

eReinsure gives you a daily view of your reinsurance activity with your clients. You can always be current and up-to-date on all activity for new submissions, renewals, quotes, binders and certificates.

Client Reports

With eReinsure Analytics you have access to standard and custom reports highlighting your most productive clients, underwriters, and areas. Target parts of the market where you are having success, or focus on areas where you could improve.

Responsiveness and Hit Ratios

Unlike traditional methods, eReinsure gives you insight into how responsive you are to your clients in the areas that matter – responding to new business, quoting and providing evidence of cover. You can also tell how your hit ratios vary by client or underwriter.

Client Manager


With eReinsure you get corporate oversight into the quality of the submissions you receive from the market. You can also monitor and improve the quality of the quotes you send. Increase your service level by monitoring the speed of responses. Respond to your clients whenever and wherever they need you.

Uniform Reports

Data collection across the globe means uniform reports for you and your underwriters. Thousands of buyers of reinsurance in over 80 countries input their information into eReinsure.

Process Efficiencies

Drive internal efficiencies with custom data elements captured in eReinsure as part of the submission, quote or bind process. You can also take advantage of integrated data feeds and real time notification to improve the process and streamline the workflow to produce business.