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Fast and Simple Data Capture

Simple classification and coding makes requesting reinsurance quick and effective. eReinsure provides real-time notification of all events related to your negotiation of reinsurance including binding and evidence of cover. Streamline the workflow with automated data feeds, email notices and centralized document management.

Communicate and Collaborate

Contact and communicate with reinsurance professionals easily and quickly with an industry-wide address book containing the top brokers and reinsurers in the business. Work in teams and share workload with easy tools to reassign or view eReinsure submissions.

Flexible Workflow

Track and document your submissions from start to finish, with detailed, printable pages or quick summary information. Negotiate using flexible workflow to meet underwriting needs, whether you have simple, single-location property risk or a complex multi-layered reinsurance placement.


Transaction Transparency

Gain insight with controlled access to eReinsure records. Easy search and filter capabilities give you tools to locate and review payment agreements on bound deals.

Reconciliation Help

When all parties to a reinsurance agreement are looking at the same numbers, there are far fewer reconciliation problems . eReinsure provides detailed forms and automated validation to help you speed up reconciliation and payment.

Reduce Errors

Information validated at the right time improves data quality throughout the lifecycle of a transaction. You can further reduce rekeying and delays by integrating your existing systems with automated data feeds from eReinsure. Real-time notification and either plain text or machine-readable messages make the payment processes much simpler and faster.

Corporate Controls

Full Audit Trail

With eReinsure as your control framework for facultative reinsurance, you can enhance compliance, audit and process transparency for your reinsurance placements. Online, detailed transaction history is complemented by downloadable, comprehensive activity reports.

Market Security

Retain control over what reinsurers and brokers are accessible by your underwriters. Market security monitoring and control is built in to the platform with corporate oversight on the capacity used, even when a broker is involved. Contact information for market partners is readily available for all bound deals.


Check on your reinsurance counterparty exposure with up-to-date reports and visibility into in-force coverage. Premium volumes and submission counts also provide insight into your purchasing activities.

Secure Documentation

Electronic documentation for your reinsurance agreements is stored centrally and securely for instant as well as long-term access.



Claims processors have controlled access to agreements placed over eReinsure. Even comment threads that developed during negotiation are readily available to better understand the agreement context.

Find Disclosures

Loss histories, charts, and photos are stored centrally with the agreed placement for future reference.

Transaction History

Audit trails of which people took which actions on which dates are available in context with reinsurance agreements.

Private Notes

Create notes on the reinsurance record in eReinsure for claim processing, loss history, or adjuster notes. All of these notes are private to your company and can be accessed for years to come.